Henry....το μπασσετ της chevrolet..!!!

Henry The Dog Herb Adcox Chevrolet Chattanooga Basset Hound Car Commercial

This one was what we used to called "A Sausage." Phil Hardison coined that phrase. It means we pieced it together from old clips. That's why this commercials is not too inspired! @GizmoGames yes. Henry was born, I guess, around 1987. But you should know he lived to a very old age. After he retired from "show business" his owners Mike and Patty had him at their home of course for many more years. They own a lot of property incuding a vast wooded area. Henry stayed on the grounds yet was a very avid hiker. He had a long route through the forests that he followed. He was in terrific shape and stayed so all his life. Henry was a very muscular and beautiful dog to the end. He is buried in the woods he loved. Adam

All these were Produced by Baker Communications. Owner Martin Baker. Curtis Parham is voice of Henry.

Many say it is the greatest Henry commercial ever. Never before (by the way) was Henry so alone driving the car! This car Henry is driving is NOT on a trailer, either. It is on the pavement. Knoxville DJ Curtis Parham is the voice of Henry. All Henry commercials were written by Adam Smith. Usually shot by Phil Hardison with Bob Deck as grip Produced by Martin Baker. In the mid 1990s at the United Way dinner in Chattanooga, Henry appeared live and stood at the podium and delivered a speech to about 300 people. "Please leave your doggy bags at the rear of the auditorium." Really -- at that dinner were a State Senator, The Mayor, A TV personality, and a State Rep. ONLY HENRY the dog got a huge, long STANDING OVATION!!!!

Curtis Parham is voice of Henry. Another Henry the Dog Commercial for Herb Adcox Chevrolet. Shot in Knoxville TN. Henry was really ripped back then. He could pump iron. Well, see for yourself.

Shooting the commercial wasn't too hard, but inventing the X-Ray glasses was complex. The secret was to ensure that the gamma emulsifier didn't overohm the fortwibulation on the reflux.

Henry became so popular in Chattanooga the people called the dealership for photos of him. So they printed some. When he went to the dealership for autograph sessions, hundreds of people came. We gave him an ink stamp pad and he stamped his paw print. Out of that we decided to do a commercial where Henry posed for his "glossies."

This was the first Henry commercial ever done for Herb Adcox. Another previous commercial had a different dog and wasn't funny. That dog was a squirmy slug, so it was fired. The producers found a couple named Mike and Patty who had the great dog who became the famous Henry. His name was already John Henry, and he was called Henry before he got into show business. This spot was shot in Chattanooga (of course). Phil Hardison was cameraman. Adam Smith writer-director. Henry plays himself, the patient Basset hound owned by Mike and Patty. Henry was a genius. He could emote any emotion, but we always told him to emote "nothing."

Hoo boy! You should have been there when we shot this! We needed a scene in which Henry held STILL like a rock on top of the cement table. He wanted nothing to do with that! He squirmed. We shot it and it was awful. The commercial was ruined! Then suddenly out of nowhere a GIANT BLUE HERON flew in and landed on top of a telephone pole about 20 feet away! Henry, a hunting dog, FROZE! Watching the huge bird. So we shot for around 3 minutes and got plenty of takes! In the shot where Henry is standing like a "work of art," he is transfixed on the Heron.

It's Pam Hurley as the Fortune Teller. Editor was Ken Maxwell on this and Psychiatrist spot. We found a book that told how to light a scene for a Fortune Teller and we copied the suggestions and used them. Curtis Parham is always the voice of Henry. Henry would call Curtis and tell him what to do.

A very early Henry the dog commercial. Shot at the Herb Adcox Chevrolet store. The first shoot ever with Henry, who became very popular in Chattanooga. Henry refused to go to Hollywood when asked. He stayed in Tennessee. They wanted him for the Fugitive as Dr. Kimble.

2 Henry "Barbershop" spots were edited from same shoot. Shot in the small barbershop in ROcky Hill Tennessee. Next to the Rocky Top Salloon. (Those are other stories!) The beloved actor Lee Sheffrin was the barber. See him also in the Advertising Meeting on my movies. Notice Lee's magic mirror that lets Henry see the back of his own head! That wasn't easy to do!!! It involved bending light through a coresplanderfonder.

It is Bob Hahn Playing the Shrink! I shot this commercial myself. We had a new bunch of people shooting and lighting and it came out ok!!!


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iLiAs είπε... [Reply]

...χαχα..οσο τα βλέπω τοσο πιο πολυ φάτσες ειναι...και μετά λεω, το δικο μου το Labrador, οτι παίρνει "κακομοίρικο" υφος :P

Καλο σκυλο-απόγευμα!! :)

ΜΑΡΙΒΙΛΗ Τ. είπε... [Reply]

iLiA μου,
Δεν θέλω να σε απογοητεύσω αλλά μόνο τα Μπασέτ έχουν τη φήμη αυτού του ύφους..:-))

καλό σκυλο-βράδυ τώρα πια και σε σένα:-)

...irida... είπε... [Reply]

γειά σου μικρή μου!!!τα βίντεο δεν μου επιτρέπει να τα δώ!!!χιχι θα ξαναπεράσω.....

ΜΑΡΙΒΙΛΗ Τ. είπε... [Reply]

irida μου,

ο μπλόγκερ έχει σκοπό να μας σπάσει τα νεύρα!! χαχα


maria είπε... [Reply]

αχαχαχαχαχαχααχ!! δεν υπαρχει!! χχαχααχ!! φοβερα βιντεακια μαριβιλη μου!! και οντως στο λυπημενο υφος τα μπασετ δεν τα ποιανει κανενα αλλο! θελεις να τα παρεις αγκαλια και να μην τα αφησεις ποτε!! ♥‿♥

ΜΑΡΙΒΙΛΗ Τ. είπε... [Reply]

maria μου,
αυτό κάνω κι εγώ με το Φρέντυ μου!!!
Τον έχω συνέχεια αγκαλιά:-))))

Ανώνυμος είπε... [Reply]


ΜΑΡΙΒΙΛΗ Τ. είπε... [Reply]

κοκκινο φουστανι,
ειναι απαιχτα τα μπασετ πως να το κανουμε!!! χαχα

JK O SΚΡΟΥΤΖΑΚΟS είπε... [Reply]



ΜΑΡΙΒΙΛΗ Τ. είπε... [Reply]

καλο μηνα και σε σενα και καλα να περασεις:-))

iLiAs είπε... [Reply]

καλο μηνα, καλη σκυλοβδομαδα!! :)

ΜΑΡΙΒΙΛΗ Τ. είπε... [Reply]

iLiA μου,
Καλό μήνα και σε σένα:-))

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